(D) Kathy Mohr-Almedia - A

Gun Violence cost AZ 1.9 Billion per year. What will you do to address this?

I would like to close the gun show loop hole in Arizona. The ability to purchase firearms, without any identification, enables individuals to easily obtain firearms without any liability for the seller. Additionally, this policy makes Arizona a source state for illicit firearms trade for organized crime south of our border, affecting far more than residents of the United States.

What have you done to prevent Gun Violence?

Most of my activism has been related to climate change education. Addressing gun violence is clearly a high priority for people in my district and I intend to address it when in office.

More info: www.drkathyaz.com

(R) Bob Worsley - F

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(D) Johnny Martin - F

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(R) Marlene Hinton - F

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(R) Michelle Udall - F

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(R) Russell Bowers - F

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(R) Tyler Pace - F

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