Candidate Report Cards

March For Our Lives Arizona has taken measures to reach out to all candidates on the Secretary of States website. This report card is for down ballot education so you, the voter, can understand where your candidates stand on gun violence prevention. 

The report cards are based on Legislative Districts. Don't know your LD? 

About the Survey

The candidate report card is based on a survey sent out to all candidates. The survey contain 10 'Yes or No' questions related to our policy platform. Afterwards, they are asked two open ended questions giving them an opportunity to state their policy stance in more detail, whether they agree with out platform or not. 

Questions asked:

  1. Do you support state laws requiring criminal background checks on all gun sales? 

  2. Do you support laws improving the integrity of the background check system by improving the reporting of prohibiting records into the system, such as records of felonies and domestic violence, and the records of those involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital?

  3. Do you support ensuring law enforcement authorities be notified when a prohibited gun purchaser tries to buy a gun and fails a background check?

  4. Do you support laws that prohibit convicted domestic abusers and those subject to domestic violence restraining orders from possessing a gun?

  5. Do you support laws that require domestic abusers to turn in any guns they already own?

  6. Do you support instituting a waiting period before an individual purchases and obtains a firearm?

  7. Do you support laws that allow courts to temporarily prohibit a person from possessing firearms if it is demonstrated that they pose an immediate threat to themselves or others?

  8. Do you support adequately funding emotional health support in schools and reducing the counselor to student ratio to the recommended 250:1?

  9. Do you support a ban on accessories that maximize the severity of shootings like bump stocks and high capacity magazines?

  10. Do you believe we can both do more to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and protect the rights of law abiding citizens?

Want to know what your candidate answered for each specific question? View the live results