Project: Vote!

Seniors! Earn up to $500!!

With youth activism energizing more than every on issues across the aisle, pushing young people to the polls is vital to sustaining civic engagement within this generation. Earn up to $500 just by organizing a VR drive and registering fellow classmates to vote. Do this as an individual, through JSA, Key Club, or NHS - voter registration is crucial to the future of this generations understanding of politics and our government. 



  • Attend a high school or be homeschooled at the equivalent high school level in Arizona.

  • Be attending a college, university, or vocational school the following year. Proof of enrollment will be required if accepted.

  • Help to organize and participate in a high school voter registration drive verified by March for Our Lives Arizona.

A voter registration drive is defined as an organized event where the main objective is to register new voters. In order to be eligible for the scholarship all voter registration drives must focus on registering high-school age students, however all eligible people may be registered through these events.

  • After a voter registration drive, all forms must be returned to MFOL Organizers within 3 days of completion to prove the validity of the event and ensure they are properly turned into the Recorder's Office.

    1. If the voter registration drive is facilitated through an organization outside of an Activism for Our Lives club, such as NHS or GSA, prior approval must be requested and approved by a March For Our Lives Arizona organizer, who can be contacted via Approval and execution of the VR drive must be completed before October 7th.

    2. All members of verified high school Activism for Our Lives clubs who help to facilitate a voter registration drive at their high school are eligible.


Application Guidelines

To be considered for a Project Vote Scholarship, all applicants must submit all application materials in PDF format on the application page on or before November 30th, 2018. All applications must be received in their entirety on or before the deadline in order to be considered by the Project Vote Scholarship Committee. The application will open September 1st, but VR drives can be organized before then. 


Application materials are as follows:

  • Full name, school, grade, age, and a contact phone number/email.

  • Short Essay (250-500 words, not to exceed 550 words)

    • Choose one of two topics:

      • “#IFightBecause” What motivates you to take action in your community? Why is activism so important to you?

      • “#MyVoteCounts” Why are voting and civic engagement so important? How and why should young people to engage in their democracy?

  • Letter of reference from someone who can provide an account of character.

    • Must include a contact phone number/email for verification upon selection.

    • May not be a member of immediate family.


Selection Process

All fully completed applications will be reviewed by the Project Vote Scholarship Committee in early January 2019, and all eligible applicants will be given full consideration. The Project Vote Scholarship Committee consists of March For Our Lives Arizona ‘City Leads’, which of whom are not eligible for the scholarship themselves. Applicants will be scored using a point system based on the content provided. The committee will assess applicants based on their writing and letter of recommendation. Academic merit is not a selection criteria.

All decisions made by the Project Vote Scholarship Committee are final. Any attempt to lobby or persuade the Committee during the selection process will result in disqualification.


Notice of Award

All applicants regardless of award will be notified of the result of their application by March 1st, 2019 via email to the address the application was sent from. If you have won the scholarship, further instructions on how to redeem scholarship will be sent at that time.


If you have any questions about this application, please email

Contact us to organize your vr drive! (or ask any questions)

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