Statement from March for Our Lives Arizona

August 22, 2018

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From the beginning of the local movement’s involvement, students and supporters of March for our Lives Arizona have made it clear that schools should be a safe place for students to learn and grow, not armed fortresses that will intimidate students. 

“Guns have no place on our campuses,” Jordan Harb, a senior are Mountain View high school and the Executive Director of March for our Lives Arizona, claims, “More guns on our campus is not a worthwhile solution.”

Harb would also like to mention that the “majority of school shootings at schools with SROs demonstrated that SROs and armed staff have been unable to stop many gun men.”

Dawn Motley, a spokesperson for March for Our Lives Arizona and freshman at the University of Arizona, asserts that the group’s policy proposal, created this past April to counter Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s School Safety Bill SB 1519, “reflects our beliefs as the stakeholders in our education,” from the perspective of students in Arizona classrooms.

The use of these federal funds to buy firearms instead of using the funds as intended- for increasing academic success and enrichment programs in public schools through the Student Success and Academic Enrichment grants through the U.S. Department of Education.

March for our Lives Arizona continues to stand behind their key pieces of policy, which include additional funding for adequate students-counselor ratio in all of Arizona’s public schools, as well as stood beside educators in April and May during the Red for Ed movement in Arizona to persuade lawmakers to restore funding to Arizona schools.

Additionally, the National Education Association ran a poll and received feedback that 74% of educators oppose arming teachers.

March for our Lives AZ is committed to preventing educational monies being spent to arm staff at schools.