Sign the Petition

Dear community members,

For too long, our lives have been taken for granted by politicians who care more about campaign contributions than the safety of children learning in schools across this Country. They have valued the influence of deep-pocketed NRA and Citizens Defense League lobbyists over the input of students, teachers, law enforcement, and community members like you on how to ensure that all of us have a safe and secure future.

That’s why today, high school students across the State of Arizona are standing in solidarity to say something so simple, even bought and paid for politicians can understand it:
It’s time to Save Our Lives.

The Arizona Agenda for Our Lives is simple. We call on the Arizona State Legislature and Governor Doug Ducey to immediately pass the following four common sense safety bills before the end of the 2018 Legislative Session, or risk the wrath of voters in November:

  • Pass HB 2299, which will keep weapons out of the hands of those who have committed acts of domestic violence

  • Pass HB 2023, which will ban bump stocks and other accessories that turn semi-automatic weapons into machine guns

  • Pass HB 2024, which will ensure universal background checks for all gun sales in the State of Arizona

  • Pass SB 1347, which will keep firearms out of the hands of those who are mentally ill

Passing these simple, common sense bills will make sure that the Arizona Legislature doesn’t go home without making an attempt to save our lives. There is much more to do than this, but this is where we can start, together.