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(D) Catherine Ripley - A

Gun Violence cost AZ 1.9 Billion per year. What will you do to address this?

In addition to the statements listed above which include universal background checks with out loopholes; banning automatic and semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles, banning bump stocks and high capacity magazines; prevention of gun sales to those convicted of violent crimes and domestic abuse, adequately funding counselors for schools with reduced counselor to student ratios...I would also impose regulations on gun owners that requires permitting, registration, qualification through safety and training examinations, and mandatory safeguarding through state approved storage containers/facilities. I would also impose legal consequences on those gun owners in homes where children are injured or killed due to accidental or otherwise discharged guns. Further, I would push for government allowance to conduct thorough studies through the CDC and other organizations, on gun violence and all surrounding circumstances around each incident.

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE PREVIOUSLY TO ADDRESS GUN VIOLENCE IN OUR COMMUNITIES? I have joined the Moms Demand Action movement, marched in the local March for Our Lives Rallies, and have made common sense gun policy one of my top priorities in my campaign. At each speaking engagement I attend, I advocate for stronger policies, especially in Arizona where our gun laws are the weakest. As a Mother, retired naval officer, and surviving witness of gun violence, I understand first hand the seriousness of the issue at hand and the crisis in which we are now living. I have a personal interest in ensuring guns do not make it into the hands of those who should not possess them and carefully monitoring and regulating those who do.

What have you done to prevent Gun Violence?

Fully fund schools to provide health professionals on campus. Ban bump stocks. Ban any military assault weapons. Require training and license for gun ownership.

More info: www.ripleyforarizona.com

(R) Maryland Wiles - F

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(D) Domingo Degrazia - A

Gun Violence cost AZ 1.9 Billion per year. What will you do to address this?

Create a comprehensive background check system for gun sales that eliminates loopholes, pass laws that take guns away from people convicted of domestic violence, create laws that allow appropriate persons, other than law enforcement, to petition the courts for an evaluation of gun owners that may present a threat to themselves or others, pass laws banning bump stocks and similar mechanisms (this legislation was introduced in 2018 in Arizona but was not allowed out of committee).

What have you done to prevent Gun Violence?

I continue to advocate for common sense gun laws and have received the Moms Demand Action candidate distinction. Prior to the current legislative session I researched and drafted proposed amendments to current Arizona laws to ban bump stocks and present that wording to current legislators. I continue to work children and families in the foster care system that are often effected by domestic abuse.

More info: http://www.degraziaforarizona.com

(R) Todd Clodfelter - B

Gun Violence cost AZ 1.9 Billion per year. What will you do to address this?

$1.9 Billion a year? I would like to see your data source and confirm, first. Not sure how "gun violence" is related to "public health". Your survey is focused on "guns" (firearms). What about violence in general? A weapon can be many things; automobiles, knives, hammers, baseball bats... ad nauseum. What do you propose to curtail and diminish "violence" in general? Glad to have a discussion.

What have you done to prevent Gun Violence?

Not sure how to answer this question -

More info: tc4az.com

(D) Kristin Engel - A

Gun Violence cost AZ 1.9 Billion per year. What will you do to address this?

I support turning each and every one of the policy positions you have listed in this survey above into law in the State of Arizona and will furthermore support turning them into federal law. In addition to working with my colleagues to propose bills that would do so, I also intend to propose legislation during the 2019 Arizona legislative session to require all individual gun owners to carry liability insurance. We insure other items whose purpose is not to kill or maim others -- cars, boats, houses and our bodies. It is time we require individuals owning and handling guns to pay upfront for the costs that result from the misuse of these devices.

What have you done to prevent Gun Violence?

I stood strong with the House democratic caucus against gun violence during the 2017 and 2018 legislative sessions by co-sponsoring HB 2299 (providing for the seizure of firearms from domestic violence offenders) and speaking out against gun violence. During the 2018 session, I led the House Democrats in a 17-minute moment of silence for the victims of the Parkland school shooting on the House Floor after reading the names of each of the victims. I participating in the March for our Lives rally in Tucson, AZ and speaking out about the need to curb gun violence at every opportunity when speaking to community groups, school personnel, and to the media about my campaign priorities. I am working with my Democratic colleagues (and with those willing to engage, with my Republican colleagues across the aisle) to develop legislative strategies to reduce gun violence. I recently submitted comments on the ATF proposed rule to withdraw the prior ATF proposal to ban bump stocks.

More info: www.engelforarizona.com

(D) Nikki Lee - A

Gun Violence cost AZ 1.9 Billion per year. What will you do to address this?

As a technology professional, I see many ways that we can make our background check system work better and prevent weapons from getting into the hands of people who should not have access to them. Far too many tragedies have occurred with weapons purchased by individuals that should never have been able to buy them. One of the first steps I will take to address this crisis will be to work on making background checks more effective by ensuring that data from separate systems and databases is integrated, accurate and available.

What have you done to prevent Gun Violence?


More info: www.nikkileeaz.com

(D) David Bradley - F

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