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(D) Jennifer Longdon - A

Gun Violence cost AZ 1.9 Billion per year. What will you do to address this?

All of the measure proposed above are pieces of the solution to curb gun violen` AND repeal our preemption law that has stopped our gun buy-back program.

What have you done to prevent Gun Violence?

I have worked for more than a decade on the issue of gun violence prevention. Because of my on-going work on GVP at the local, state and national level, I am the first state legislative candidate in the nation to have earned the support of Moms Demand Action, Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence and Giffords Courage to End Gun Violence. I am a member of the EveryTown Gun Violence Survivor Network. I am past-president of Arizonans for Gun Safety.I worked on our state's largest gun buy-back program in history. I present Civil Dialog on gun violence. I have fought at our state Capitol to prohibit guns on college campuses and many other GVP bills.I worked to protect Shannon's Law. I worked on the 2013 omnibus package to end gun violence and organized numerous actions at the offices of Senators McCain and Flake and Arizona members of congress. Because of my work, I met with President Obama and Vice President Obama in 2016 to work on his Executive Action on gun violence. I have been a steady presence at our state Capitol and in Washington D.C. on the issue. I raised more than $5,000 to support the Phoenix March for Our Lives event. I worked in Orlando directly with Pulse survivors and in Las Vegas with the October 1 survivors. For more on my record on GVP, please google me or visit my website, JenLongdonForHouse.com.

Thank you for this opportunity.

More info: JenLongdonForHouse.com

(R) David Alger Sr. - F

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(D) John Glenn - A

Gun Violence cost AZ 1.9 Billion per year. What will you do to address this?

1. Expanded Background Checks, 2. Raising the age to purchase assault style weapons, children should not be able to posses them unsupervised 3. Raise the min age. 4. Red Flag Laws, allow the courts the authority to confiscate weapons from people that are a demonstrated threat. 5. Many more social workers/ therapists in our schools to help kids better address challenges.

What have you done to prevent Gun Violence?

Marched for our lives, March on the Capitol back in the spring.

More info: glenn4az.com

(D) Marcus Ferrell - A

Gun Violence cost AZ 1.9 Billion per year. What will you do to address this?

As a veteran I have first hand knowledge the damage many of these weapons can do. I had to receive extensive training before I was allowed to wield one. That is why I support a ban on all assault style weapons. Fully fund mental health services coupled with better records to ensure that those who should not have weapons do not have access to weapons.

What have you done to prevent Gun Violence?

Been apart of the March for our lives. I have help with multiple gun buy backs in Chicago, Atlanta and Tallahassee . I have used my military training to teach gun classes on safety for the Florida supreme courts martial office.

More info: www.ferrellfor24.com

(R) Vicki Alger - F

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(D) Denise Link - A

Gun Violence cost AZ 1.9 Billion per year. What will you do to address this?

First, I am pleased that you frame the issue as a public health crisis. As a nurse practitioner who specializes in women's health, I believe that standardizing our laws across all 50 states and the District of Columbia with all of the measures that you propose would be an important approach. It does no good for one state to have strong laws and a neighboring state to have little or no laws to keep guns out of the hands of irresponsible people. I think that in the realm of public health, I think that primary prevention is the best approach. That is accomplished by strong laws that promote responsible gun ownership. I would also support requiring gun owners to have a liability policy the same as health care professionals have. I think they should be licensed and that they be required to demonstrate on a regular basis that they are able to safely use a gun in order to retain their license. I hold people's lives in my hands and that is what I am required to do to obtain and maintain my license to practice nursing. I am also in favor of banning the ownership of military grade weapons by the general public.

What have you done to prevent Gun Violence?

Whenever the question came up in the state or federal legislature, I consistently contacted my representatives to urge them to pass common sense gun laws. With this recent increase in political activity, I have participated in public protests. While I think they are having an impact, I still think I can do more. That is why I am running for office - so I can bring the public health model to the legislature to effectively address this issue.

More info: DeniseLinkLD24House.com

(D) Amish Shah - A

Gun Violence cost AZ 1.9 Billion per year. What will you do to address this?

Universal background checks and mandatory training, as the Giffords group recommends.

What have you done to prevent Gun Violence?

I work as an Emergency Physician all over Arizona, and in my practice I counsel people on responsible gun ownership. I have taken the CCW class and recommend it to everyone, though I do not own a firearm.

More info: www.amishforarizona.com

(D) Ken Clark - A

Gun Violence cost AZ 1.9 Billion per year. What will you do to address this?

As a member of the House democratic caucus, I have already worked with my leadership and fellow members to oppose the Governor's weak excuse for gun safety.

You can be certain that I will support the sensible gun safety measures shown above.

However, in order to make systemic change, we must work to organize outside of the legislature. I have done just this.

I am a board member of the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, which seeks to increase our seats in the House and Senate.

I created the We the People Summit in order to train a new generation of activists in Arizona.

I am on the steering committee of the Outlaw Dirty Money campaign, because we will not be able to create systemic change unless we disclose Dark Money.

What have you done to prevent Gun Violence?

I have co-sponsored legislation as a caucus member and I have supported the growth and skill building of gun safety groups through the We the People Summit.

More info: kenclarkforaz.org